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Welcome to the West Bridgewater Youth Athletics Association (WBYAA) website! The WBYAA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by parent volunteers to provide an opportunity for the athletic participation for the youth of the community.
The WBYAA supports the following sports for girls and boys that are residents of West Bridgewater or participate in School Choice in West Bridgewater Public Schools: 
Spring Soccer, Fall Soccer, Baseball, Softball, T Ball, and Basketball 
The objective of the organization is to instill in the youth of West Bridgewater ideals of honesty, loyalty, confidence, self-respect and good sportsmanship so that they may be physically and morally better prepared to contribute constructively to their community. For more information on the WBYAA constitution, by laws, and team rules, please visit our document library. If you are interested in getting involved, please send an   with your interest.
For information regarding registration and sports calendars, please visit the about us page .

2nd Session Dome Registration Now Open

2nd Session Dome Registration is now open. Late fees will take effect on 12/1 and close on 12/11. 

Register today!

by posted 11/10/2015
Game Locations Status
Batting Cages - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Dome - Field 1 - Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
Dome - Field 2 - Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
Dome - Field 3 - Bridgewater, MA OPEN (11/25) 
EB Belmont Field 1 - East Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
EB Belmont Field 2 - East Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
EB Belmont Field 3 - East Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
EB Belmont Field 4 - East Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
EB Belmont Field 5 - East Bridgewater OPEN (11/25) 
Flaherty Field - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Howard Gym - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Howard Lower 1 - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Howard Lower 2 - WB OPEN (11/25) 
North Field - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Rose L Gym - WB OPEN (11/25) 
South Field - WB OPEN (11/25) 
Sullivan Field - WB OPEN (11/25) 
WB High School Gym - WB OPEN (11/25) 
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